Albaraa Emam


Albaraa is an executive leadership coach who works with high-performance executives and teams on strategic planning and management skills to increase focus and accountability. 

More about Albaraa: 

Albaraa is a consultant, coach, author, and speaker on organisational development and performance management. An entrepreneur, Albaraa focuses on career development and transition coaching for executives and startup founders. His coaching style utilises extensive journaling to help you find clarity in what you want, create a step-by-step path towards achievement, and handle the internal and external obstacles that inevitably get in the way. 


Executives, Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Education, Healthcare, Design, Non-Profit, Media, Fashion, Fitness/Health, Beauty, Engineering, Sales, Biotechnology, Start-Ups, Marketing, Consulting, Architecture, Tech, Advertisement, and Agencies, Real Estate and Construction Insurance

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