Hussein Naser


Hussein is a talent therapist with experience as a former recruiter and career coach. He helps his clients make adjustments that lead to interviews and, ultimately, job offers. 

More about Hussein

Hussein has worked on both sides of the table as a tech recruiter and career services pro. He’s an expert in decoding a recruiter's psychology to help his clients make adjustments in their strategy that fast-track them to results. His experience includes 100+ career coaching 1:1 sessions with a diverse set of clients (new grad, mid-career, undergrad, and masters/PhD). Hussein was a tech recruiter, specialising in recruiting software engineers from underdog colleges for intern and full-time roles; he successfully recruited and hired for 100+ positions each season. 
Outside of coaching, he loves playing tennis, eating pho, and having more than one transcending conversation with his Uber pool co-riders (pre-pandemic). 


 College/New Grads, Engineering, Start-Ups Human Resources/Recruiting, Tech.

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