Laith Assad


Laith guides clients to leverage their strengths to make meaningful impacts! He is known for delivering results while ensuring the experience is fun, educational, and impactful! 

More about Laith:

Laith infuses his sessions with contagious enthusiasm and the knowledge he’s gained from four years of career service experience, where he’s coached over 300 clients and presented over 20 workshops on career-related topics. He’s had extensive training in various self-assessments, which influences his style of providing a very tailored approach to each client. He works to create a plan that best uses each client’s gifts and working style to ensure maximum success with the goals they are working on. He is a firm believer that the journey towards the destination can be just as enjoyable as achieving the end goal. When working with Laith, expect individualised, results-driven, and energising sessions! 


 College/New Grads, Mid-Career, Career Changers, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Education, Remote Job Seekers, Design, Non-Profit, Media, Confidence Coaching, Fitness/Health, Human Resources/Recruiting, Creative/Music/Arts, Marketing, Returning to the Workforce

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