MALEK Raghat


Malek advises on many career, business, and education topics. His experience at top institutions enables him to offer insights on how others find success. 

More about Malek: 

Malek is a coach, advisor, mentor, and award-winning career blogger. He started out in a small rural town with little guidance on charting his educational and career paths, but through sheer focus, determination, and hard work, he grew to earn degrees from top academic institutions and work for highly reputed employers. Having faced many bumps in the road, he uses his experiences to offer actionable advice on how others can map out their own paths to success in a much smoother manner. Malek embraces his failures as much as his achievements and sees both as sources of learning and growth. With this as a foundation, he aims to inspire his clients to set stretch goals and truly believe that they can achieve them. 


 College/New Grads, New Managers, Mid-Career, Career Changers,

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