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You deserve a fulfilling career. One that recognises your value, fits your purpose, and puts your strengths to work. I’ll help you break through job search hurdles to go after what you want. 

More about Nael:

My clients are inventive, fresh thinkers who share the opinion that a career should be more than just a paycheck. They’re inspired to use their unique strengths, interests, and values in service of others—helpers, healers, and mission-driven idealists. But the traditional job search can make even the most determined feel disheartened. As your coach, I can help you strategically take your next steps, reconnect to a more positive image of yourself, and capture your expertise, so you’re empowered to author the next chapter in your career story. Through highs and lows, every chapter invites new possibilities. How do I know? Here are a few chapters from my career story: Mental health case worker, academic advisor, therapist, leader of a university career services department, training course developer, property manager, full-time employee, self-employed, and unemployed If you’re looking for a thought partner to navigate the twists and turns in your story, I’d be honoured to partner with you. 


College/New Grads, New Managers, Mid-Career, Career Changers, Education, Healthcare, Remote Job Seekers, Non-Profit, Human Resources/Recruiting, Client Services, Returning to the Workforce

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