Wael Abbas


Wael has coached more than 200 professionals in 10+ industries. Originally assisting students from college to career, he now helps various tech startups and has assisted hundreds of professionals in tech. 

More about Wael:

Wael is a community builder, writer, and experienced career coach of 8+ years, having helped over 200+ professionals make the most of their job search. He has been featured regarding career guidance, resume and LinkedIn writing, interview prep, salary negotiation, and more for young and mid-level professionals. Most recently, Wael’s experience comes from the EdTech space, with 4+ years of experience (Udacity, Springboard, etc.) helping to transform the lives of software developers, data scientists, engineers, and more in the future of work. He blends his storytelling ability with empowerment to empower you to recognise your talents and build upon your strengths to achieve career success. 


College/New Grads, New Managers, Mid-Career, Career Changers, Data Science, Remote Job Seekers, Media, Start-Ups, Creative/Music/Arts, Entertainment & Gaming, Tech, Returning to the Workforce

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