Zeid Hreis


Zeid elevates clients to their dream jobs. An expert in today’s recruitment process, he is passionate about creating unique tools and strategies that advance your job search with ease and clarity. 

More about Zeid:
Driven by a genuine passion to help people land their dream jobs, Zeid has spent years compiling the necessary tools and industry knowledge to do just that. An expertise in today’s recruitment process paired with refined networking skills, extensive research, and personal experience in diverse industries make Zeid the job search guru and the go-to for a "killer resume writer." As one of his clients put it, "What LeBron James is to basketball, Zeid is to writing resumes and enhancing a LinkedIn profile." His prior experiences include consulting and finance at Fortune 30 companies. 


 College/New Grads, New Managers, Mid-Career, Executives Women, Career Changers, Veterans, Public Relations, Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketing, Education, Healthcare , Remote Job Seekers, Design, Non-Profit, Finance, Media, Fashion, Fitness/Health, Account Management, Beauty Sales, Start-Ups, Human Resources/Recruiting, Creative/Music/Arts, Marketing, Consulting, Architecture, Entertainment & Gaming Tech Manufacturing, Advertisement and Agencies, Client Services, Real Estate & Construction Insurance Returning to the Workforce Hospitality

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